Adventures in ____ App

Adventures in Mute is a storybook and game app for children aiming to raise awareness for Selective Mutism, which is a condition that prevents children from talking to unfamiliar people.

I had this condition as a kid, and I know that there is a lack of understanding and an abundance of misunderstandings the kids with Selective Mutism face, so I decided to make this my thesis project. 

According to Google, 92% of Americans use the internet on their phones and I wanted to make this more engaging for kids.

That’s why I wrote and illustrated a story/game app that children can easily read and naturally glean information from, instead of making an educational brochure or a booklet, which was my initial idea.

︎ Story: Jay King
︎ Illustration: Jay King
︎ Design + Prototype: Jay King


prospect (problem definition & research)
process pdf