a photo of me!

Hello! I’m Jay, a UI/UX
& Graphic Designer.

Currently I’m doing freelance, work at my college as a designer at the business school, and am a full-time student, as I like to keep myself busy with tasks. I initally decided to major in Graphic Design because I thought I could teach myself arts and crafts if I wanted to go into that field, but design was completely new to me, and I wanted to challenge myself.

I love challenges, and that’s a big part of the reason why I got so into UI/UX and designing for digital medium – I like figuring things out. The other part is because I like technology and although I think print is really cool, I feel like the internet has more potentials as a communication medium, and if not for visual communication, what is design? So I took all of the UI/UX courses offered at my college (our program isn’t super digital-focused, so there wasn’t a ton) but looking back, I didn’t like many of my initial projects because I now know more than I did when I designed these first couple projects, so I decided to work on my passion projects to fill my portfolio with UI/UX projects, and I have one on my website and I’m working on my other project right now.

Email: jayriverking@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayriverking/